Week 11

G3 Math
Students are showing greater maturity with how they focus on their math classwork, study for tests, and read word problems for accuracy. Students took the Chapter 3 test on Factors and Multiples on Wednesday. We finished Chapter 4, Lesson One (Multiplication, Mental Math Strategies) on Friday.
Week of Oct30–Nov3 Class Slides: 
GK–2 Makerspace
Students studied the anatomy and life cycle of frogs. Then they built with LEGOs and coded Bee Bots.
G3 Makerspace
Students dressed the Bee Bots up for Halloween and coded them to complete a challenge. They also built marble runs and mazes for hex bugs.
G4 Makerspace
Students used the microscopes to see cells; coded Bee Bots and Kebos; and built marble runs, LEGO structures, and mazes for Hex bugs.
G5–8 Makerspace
Students have started following the design process to create an "ideal robotic pet" for their partner or themselves. Students asked and answered questions (Empathize) about what would be an ideal pet (Define), drew at least 5 sketches of how to structure the pet's body and house a Micro:bit, or brain of the robotic pet (Iteration). We will continue with the next stages: Prototype, Test, Implement.
LEGO League
Collaboration is key in LEGO League. The more experienced are teaching the younger members what they know. The teams are programming robots to complete more missions on the table.