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Dance Expectations

This year will be an exciting opportunity to build on the established Decatur dance program. The scope of the dance curriculum at Decatur covers multiple genres and includes many connections to classroom learning topics. We will learn about the three main elements that make up dance: time, space, and energy. We will explore the dance genres of jazz, modern, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and tap. Classroom topics such as fairy tales, geometric shapes, the life cycle, and various novels are just a few of the connections we will make to classroom learning.

Grading Information

Dance Grading Scale - All classwork and assessments based on the National Core Arts Standards in Dance

40% - Classwork
      • Actively participates in all activities with maximum effort
      • Respect space, equipment, and others
      • Come prepared (dance appropriate clothing)
      • Wear the appropriate shoes for genre of dance
60% - Assessments
    • Performance-based assessments
    • Written assessments
    • Thematic Projects


Absences : Classwork When a student is absent, they will be marked “Excused (Exc.)” for any classwork and cannot make up the missed points. Classwork cannot be made up due to the specialized materials (clay, instruments, etc) or techniques (speaking, dancing, etc) taught in class. When absences occur, we will do our best to get them caught up with the project(s) during future classes but it is not possible for teachers to provide individual lessons for classes missed.

Absences : Assessments 

  • K-5th: Students in grades K-3 will be contacted by the teacher to make-up any missed assessments or it will be made up the next time the child has their essentials class. 
  • 6-8th: Students in grades 6-8 must fill out this form when absent and the teacher will contact them with next steps. The teacher will mark “missing” into gradebook for any assessments and the student will have two weeks from the missed class to makeup the assessment. After two weeks, if the assessment is not taken, the grade becomes a 50%. 
  • Field trips have an assessment component to show mastery of learning that can not be made up. 
  • There are no “opt out” options for field trips, assessments, or performances. 

Dance Clothing Policy

Your student will feel more fully equipped for success in dance class if they are “dance ready”. “Dance ready” means:

  • Workout attire (sweatpants, joggers, comfy clothing) 
  • Hair back
  • No jewelry
  • Appropriate shoe for genre (provided by Decatur)
  • No gum
  • Shorts under skirts

If your family has difficulty purchasing any items for dance, please email Ms. Branch



Your student will be excused from participating when a doctor’s note is sent in. If your student has an appointment with a doctor but hasn’t seen him or her yet, please send an email explaining the situation before the day of class. 



As an extension of the dance and social-emotional curriculums at Decatur, we will incorporate yoga and mindfulness in the dance classroom. The yoga curriculums I am trained in are Yoga Calm and Rainbow Kids Yoga and do not incorporate any spiritual or religious vocabulary. If you would like more information about either of these programs, please reach out to Chelsea Branch.