Mrs. Andorka teaches first grade in Room 104.  She holds a BA in Business Administration from Miami University of Ohio, an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Loyola University of Chicago, and an endorsement in Gifted Education. During her nine years of working in CPS, Mrs. Andorka has gained experience teaching in grade levels 1-8 and strongly believes in the importance of differentiation and individualized learning.  Mrs. Andorka also believes in helping children find a love of learning by integrating technology and mindful practices into her classroom. When she is not teaching Mrs. Andorka loves trying new restaurants, going to spin classes, hiking, reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


Hey First Grade Team! You are crushing the remote learning! Need additional support or ideas? Let us know! We're here for you! 

Exploring Addition Expressions for 25

Hey Team! Watch this video then solve the number sentences below using the strategy that makes the most sense to you! 25 + 16 25 .+ 22 14 + 19 17 + 24

Chapter 8: Lesson 3 Connecting Addition and Subtraction MiniLesson

You can watch this video and complete the first two pages of your Math Work for the week of 3/17!
Students in 104 completed a nonfiction text feature scavenger hunt on Google Slides and began presenting to classmates this week! Check out your child's Google account to see their progress! 
Students in 104 now have access to Google Drive including the use of Google Classroom, Slides, and Docs. Students experimented this week creating their own "All About Me" slideshow presentation and answering a math questions on Doceri. Ask your child their favorite part about using technology in class!
Hands up if you love Valentine's Day! We do in 104! We also love giving and receiving personal compliments! Ask your child about our Valentine's Day Compliment Walk! 
Can you believe Valentine's Day is already next week? Although we aren't having a class party, our classroom will celebrate Valentine's Day! We are going to create our own create Valentine's Day cards then do a compliment walk and have students sign each other's cards. Although we will be creating valentines in class, your child is still welcome to bring in cards and pass out to friends as long as there are enough for all the students in class! If you are looking to help out we can always use more supplies to decorate. Below are some examples of things we like to use: 
  • Doilies
  • Beads
  • Stickers 
  • Fuzz balls
We took a break from the hard work in 104 to play in the sunshine and the snow today and it felt GREAT!