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Check out the third grade playing their scrimmage games for the upcoming Team Handball Tournament. 
6th Grade working on a team building activity. This specific activity they could not talk while trying to complete a puzzle with their groups. 

Game On Sports Class for 2nd-4th Grade Girls

Hey Parents,
Here is an opportunity for your daughters to be introduced into a couple of team sports, team building and exercise for 2 months. It meets on Saturdays from 10-11 AM at the Menomonee Club. Here is a link to the website where the registration is located at. I think it would be a great opportunity to get knowledge on some new sports, and a chance to create some relationships outside of school.

Outdoor Clothing

Please make sure that your child comes to school with the appropriate clothing to go outdoors. This includes gloves, hats, and possibly boots. 

After our first big snowfall of the year, I figured that we should have an ugly snowman building competition. The students needed to work as a team to quickly and efficiently build either the best snowman, or the ugliest. 
Our winner were:
1st Grade with the Ugliest Snowman
5th Grade 110 with the Best Snowman