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Chvatal's PE

Welcome to Decatur PE!
Mr. Chvatal is excited to be back at Decatur for his fourth year as the Physical Education teacher. He graduated from North Park University with his BA in Physical Education and a minor in Exercise Science. Mr. Chvatal taught two years at a high school in the suburbs where he taught multiple subjects and coached football, baseball and track and field.  Mr. Chvatal loves teaching PE and integrates team building and character building activities along with different sports and games all throughout the year. Mr. Chvatal loves to play sports, cook and try new restaurants when he is not teaching. 
"Be comfortable being uncomfortable"  is a phrase we like to say to encourage each other to persevere when we feel challenged. 


8th Grade Crab Soccer

With Oktoberfest right around the corner, the middle schoolers have been practicing their Crab Soccer skills before the big showdown next week!
We have officially started our soccer tournaments! Grades 4-8 play in a double elimination tournament to end our soccer unit. 
Grades K-3 play mini games which include soccer tag and sideline soccer. 
We are currently in our soccer unit in PE. We started off practicing dribbling, passing and trapping, and shooting. 
Here the 4th graders are practicing their dribbling and passing skills. Next week we will start getting into games, and 4-8 grade will start their tournaments. 
Each year we start off with a team building unit that promotes communication, teamwork and problem solving. 
2nd Grade is playing "Cross The Pond". The objective is to have each team make it across the gym by only stepping in the hula hoops. 

Welcome Back!

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all had a great Summer Break! I am really looking forward to seeing meeting you all and or course seeing our returning students!
This year will be my 5th year at Decatur and I can't be anymore excited! 
Throughout the school year we will be working on team building skills, gross and fine motor skills, multiple sports and games and of course the turf outside, the gymnasium and our traverse wall!
I'm looking forward to another great school year!

We are currently in a volleyball unit in PE. We have been practicing underhand serves, bumping and setting. 
Here the 4th Graders are playing a game called Newcomb. It is similar to volleyball, but there is no bumping, setting, serving or spiking. Only throwing and catching. 
Congratulations to the Decatur 5/6 Grade Girls Basketball for winning the Conference Tournament! They finished the year 8-0!
Congratulations to the Decatur 5/6 Grade Boys Basketball team for winning the conference tournament. They finished the year 6-1!
Last week we wrapped up our basketball unit. We learned and practiced how to dribble, pass and shoot. Here some 2nd Graders demonstrate how to correctly perform a chest pass. 
This past week we've have been doing stations in PE. Here the 1st Graders are working on their dribbling and passing, while another group is on the traverse wall. 

Slaps, Taps & Wraps

We started our basketball unit this week and started practicing our dribbling. One of the drills we did was called Slaps, Taps & Wraps. This drill helps with our hand and wrist strength along with out ball handing skills.

6th Grade Shootout in the Quarterfinals

The 6th Graders are currently in their soccer unit and the quarterfinal game came down to a shootout, with the winner moving onto the semifinals.

5th Grade Handball Tournament

One of our units at Decatur is Throwing & Catching. Here 5th Grade is demonstrating their throwing and catching skills while playing in the Team Handball Tournament.