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Margaret Koreman

Margaret Koreman is Decatur’s new visual arts teacher, coming to us from Franklin Fine Arts Center.  Mrs. Koreman has a master’s in Art Education and previously taught on the faculty at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago.  Mrs. Koreman has hosted numerous student teachers and presents at national conferences to support the profession.  She helped established the arts education program at Intuit: the Center for Outsider Arts, has won numerous grants to promote community and school arts, and currently sits on the board of Chicago Arts Partnership in Education.


Mrs. Koreman’s art portfolio reflects her multi-media approach.  Her enthusiasm for the community leads to numerous partnerships and field trips that examine how art impacts our neighborhoods.  She lives in Chicago with her husband, a high school science teacher, two daughters, both graduates of CPS selective enrollment High Schools, and her two dogs.  Mrs. Koreman loves travel, museums, food, kayaking, and collecting natural objects including seed pods and nests.