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Margaret Koreman Bio

Margaret Koreman is Decatur's visual arts teacher and most recently taught at Franklin Fine Arts Center. Mrs. Koreman has a master's in Art Education and previously taught on the faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mrs. Koreman has hosted numerous student teachers and presents at national conferences to support the profession.  She helped established the art program at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, has won numerous grants to promote community and school arts, and currently sits on the board of Chicago Arts Partnership in Education. 


Mrs. Koreman's art portfolio reflects her multi-media approach. Her enthusiasm for the community leads to numerous partnerships and field trips that examine how art impacts our neighborhoods.  She lives in Chicago with her husband, a high school science teacher, two daughters, both graduates of CPS selective enrollment High Schools, and her two dogs.  Mrs. Koreman loves travel, museums, food, kayaking, and collecting natural objects including seed pods and nests. 

Intuit Center for Outsider Art Teacher Fellowship at Nick Engelbert Grandview House Museum

Mrs. Koreman was one of six CPS teachers invited to the inaugural urban/rural art fellowships sponsored by the Kohler Museum and Intuit the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.


Collaborating with rural Wisconsin and urban Chicago teachers over a week at the Nick Engelbert Grandview House Museum and Art Environment, Mrs. Koreman developed K-6 curriculum based on subject artists Nick Engelbert, Joseph Yoakum, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein and the Dickeyville Grotto. 


The immersive study included studio work with five practicing artists to explore new materials and develop teaching techniques to help students craft novel approaches in the art room.



This artwork by Decatur sixth-grader, Emmie, was inspired by Chicago Artist Evan LaRuffa, whose artwork is currently on display at Decatur Classical School.  Evan is also the founder of IPaintMyMInd, a nonprofit that helps turn spaces such as Decatur School into an art gallery.  


This Evan La Ruffa quote inspired Emmie's art. Evan said, "if art gives you an 'anything is possible' feeling, you're on the right track." Well, that inspired me to make art that showed the human mind opening up and showing caverns. I was attempting to express how you grow and change through life, just like a cave changes as it gets older. It's an analogy in a drawing. 


Essentials - Live and Recorded Class Expectations

Essentials - Live and Recorded Class Expectations

Welcome to Visual Arts!!  Please check out the read this file to access your live and recorded Essential classes.  Student expectations and how classes will work are explained.   I hope you and your family have a safe and healthy Spring Break!!  See you in a couple of weeks.

Patterns: Drawing Unique Repeats

While learning from home, a Decatur sixth grader's responses to the question: How can we create new patterns from objects we see every day?
Fourth and fifth-grade students are creating abstract paintings using stamps, scraping tools, and found objects. Their focus is: How do painters create contrast?
Stage Crew Prepares for Winter Show
Stage crew helps students learn how to manage peers as they receive and execute team instructions.  Students use technology to develop schedules and build communication skills to produce the winter showcase.     The show helps stage crew students put into practice all the skills they have been working on in class as they produce a successful school-wide production.