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Ms. Mitten is excited to be joining the staff at Decatur Classical School this year teaching Latin. She has been a Latin teacher in Illinois and Wisconsin for the past 15 years and looks forward to guiding young learners in their Classical studies. Ms. Mitten has a B.A. in Latin from Monmouth College and she has been a member of the American Classical League and Illinois Classical Conference. She also formerly worked with Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers. She earned a M. Ed. in Teaching, Learning and Assessment from National Louis University where her action research project was about Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. Jennifer hopes to engage students through the power of storytelling.


Creature Exhibits

Latin is a natural language like any other and the 3rd graders are breathing life into it by using Latin sentences to communicate about mythological creatures. This is the first task where they have really started to produce sentences and they did a heroic job meeting the challenge!
A wonderful mythological illustration to brighten your day!

"Spreading her wings, the goddess Iris took off from earth, drawing forth a rainbow arc under the clouds behind her as she flew."
~Vergil, The Aeneid, Book 5
Decatur Classical School representatives attended the 57th Annual Junior Classical League Convention on February 21st.  This year in attendance were David Augustyn, Angelica Besa, Aiden Boywid, Max Carlson, Murad Chander, Enkhjin Naamuunbayar, Casey Scott, Carolynn Smith, Gabriel Story, and Emma Strong.  They shared fellowship with one another and with Latin students from other  Illinois schools.  It was incredible to see their enthusiasm for the Classics!
4th grade and 1st grade learned about how Valentine's Day has history connections to the Roman Lupercalia festival and created gift cards.
Gratias vobis ago!  Thank you to all my 3rd grade Latin Library Helpers for sorting books before leaving for the day!