Decatur Chess Team

Who We Are:
The Decatur Chess Team provides an opportunity for students to represent Decatur Classical in scholastic chess competitions at the school, city, state and national level.  Tournament competition lets players develop strategy, grace under pressure, resilience and focus.  We value good sportsmanship, honest effort, and team spirit!  
2020 Tournament Dates:

1/18/2020 – CCF #3 (Rickover Naval Academy, 5700 W Berteau)

2/01/2020 – Greater Chicago K-12 Championship (McCormick Place, 2301 S King Drive)

2/26/2020 – The Dolphin Duel: In House Tournament (At Decatur)

2/29/2020 – CCF #4 (Location TBA)

3/14/2020 – CPS K-8 City Playoffs (Whitney Young, 211 S Laflin)

3/20 – 3/22 – IL K-8 State Championships (Hyatt Regency Schaumburg)  $$$

3/28/2020 – CPS K-8 City Championships (if we qualify; Whitney Young, 211 S Laflin)

4/17-4/19 – All Girls Nationals (Westin Chicago, Wheeling IL) $$$

4/25/2020 – CCF #5 (De La Salle, 3434 S Michigan)

5/??/2020 – CCF #6 (Location and date TBD)

5/8-5/10 – Nationals (Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville) $$$

6/6/2020 – CCF All Girls (Skinner North)

6/10/2020 – Decatur Championships: In House Tournament (at Decatur)


Want to know more about Decatur Chess Team?  Email our parent liaison Seth Zurer at

133rd Kumbaya Chess Tournament- 3/1/20
We are excited to announce that Decatur Classical won 3rd PLACE TEAM  amongst all the not-rated players on March 1st, 2020, 133rd Kumbaya Chess Tournament at Niles North High School.  
This tournament is an officially recognized tournament by the United States Chess Federation, the governing body of chess in the U. S., and we are proud of all the students that participated in the event.  We also had several individual players that were recognized with individual trophies.
  • The team members for Not -Rated from Decatur Classical:  Peter Dogan, Asha Vaid, and Oliver Conrad133rd Kumbaya Chess Tournament
Congratulations to the participating players and our entire school chess team!
Decatur Duel - In House Tournament #1 - 2/26/20
More than 50 students competed in the year’s first In-House Chess Tournament on Wednesday 2/26! Many thanks to the parent volunteers and teachers who made this event possible. Many thanks as well to all the kids who notated their games and won prizes in our first ever notation raffle (thanks for the prizes - Janet, Jonathan, Jill, Kelly and Me!)
 Decatur Duel
Competition was fierce - the top two contenders in each section both had perfect records (four wins out of four); in the advanced Section A the top two had to settle the standings with a blitz tie break. First place in Section A went to Ethan Ding, who barely edged out Josephine Swan for the trophy. In Section B, 2nd grader Max Huang took home first on tie breaks over 2nd grader Thomas Cunningham. 
Section B
Section B Top Finishers
1. Max Huang (4 points)
2. Thomas Cunningham (4 points)
3. Caden Kauffman (3.5 points)
4. Emma Chang (3 points)
5. Heming Liu (3 points)
6. William Ahn (3 points)
7. Lucas Celba (3 points)
Section A
Section A Top Finishers
1. Ethan Ding (4 points)
2. Josephine Swan (4 points)
3. Troy Gonzales (3 points)
4. Robert Suteu (3 points)
5. Liam Minkov (3 points)
6. Andrew Simpson (3 points)
7. Casey Scott (3 points)
Greater Chicago K-12 Championship - 2/1/2020
Decatur’s chess team had an outstanding tournament on Saturday at McCormick Place.  
Our K6 Championship team took home the 1st place trophy!  Aditya Nanda, Enkhjin Namuunbayar, Troy Gonzales and Josephine Swan beat out Beaubien and Skinner North for the Greater Chicago team championship in this challenging section.  Congratulations to them for this achievement. Aditya and Enkhjin won three games a piece, tying for third place - Aditya took home the eighth place trophy after tie-breaks.
DCS Chess TeamK6 Reserve took home a third place team trophy! Anchored by strong play from Casey Scott, Robert Suteu, Salahuddin Ahmed, and Jack Murphy as well as support from Jonah Zurer, Troy Shalaveyus and Julian Summer.
DCS Chess Team
In the K6 Novice section, Talha Ahmed won all five of his games, tying for 1st place, taking home the third prize trophy on tie breaks. Ishaan Pydimarri, Enrique Morales, Jake Yost and Simona Arsic also competed in this section and represented Decatur well!
Finally, the the K3 Novice section, our team of Larry Nguyen, Heming Liu, William Ahn, Emma Change and Yves Coe took home the 2nd place team trophy. Larry Nguyen received the tenth place trophy for his 4 wins - Heming and Wiliam also won four games a piece, but got edged off the podium as a result of tiebreaks. 
DCS Chess Team
Rickover CCF Results- 1/18/20
It was a banner weekend for our chess players, as 14 members of the Decatur chess team participated in a Chicagoland Chess Foundation tournament at Rickover Naval Academy on Saturday January 18.  Our teams won first place in both the Advanced and Intermediate sections! Josephine Swan won 4 out of 4 matches in the Advanced group, earning a first-place trophy and Tournament champion bragging rights.  Troy Gonzales won three out of four, cementing the team’s first place result.
Decatur Chess Team for the Win!
In the Intermediate section, Casey Scott won four out four games as well - tying for first place in the individual ranking, taking home the second place trophy on tie breaks. Robert Suteu (who tied for second place in the individual standings), Jack Murphy, Silas Judge and Salahuddin Ahmed also contributed to the team’s Intermediate section trophy.   Our school was well represented in the Novice sections as well - a special shout-out to kindergartner Oli Matteson who made his chess tournament debut! 
Decatur Chess Team for the Win!
If your child is interested in playing in tournaments, please contact parent liaison Seth Zurer ( for more info. 
CPS Kings & Queens Tournament- 1/11/20
On 1/11/2020, ten intrepid students represented Decatur at the CPS Kings and Queens Chess tournament over the weekend.  In the face of tough competition, both our K-4 team and K-6 teams tied for second place in their sections! Troy Gonzales, Jonah Zurer and Julian Summer all had perfect scores (four wins and no losses).  A special shout-out goes to first-grader Heming Liu who competed in a tournament for the first time and earned three wins for our team!  We didn’t take home any trophies as a result of tie-breaks, but the team is grateful to all the kids for their tough play and focus.   K-6 Intermediate Team: Troy Gonzalez, Casey Scott, Silas Judge, Jonah Zurer and Troy Shalaveyus.  K-4 Primary Team: Julian Summer, Jake Yost, Salahuddin Ahmed, Talha Ahmed and Heming Liu.   
Decatur Chess TeamDecatur Chess TeamDecatur Chess Team