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Mrs. Slechta's Bio

Mrs. Slechta is excited to return to the Decatur family! She comes to our community with over 25 years of experience in primary education.  She has taught in the US, Canada, and South America.  Mrs. Slechta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Elementary Education from North Park University.  She believes in a learning environment in which students feel loved and accepted and free to take risks and try new things.  Her passion includes daily teachable moments to foster the intellectual, creative, social, and emotional growth of students that develop lifelong learners. Outside of the classroom Mrs. Slechta has raised guide dogs for the blind, she loves spending time with her family, exploring all that the city has to offer, good coffee and laughter with friends.


1st Grade

This week’s learning was all about equal groups. Students used repeated addition to find the total number of objects in rectangular arrays.



This week was all about representing subtraction.  We are building a toolbox of strategies to use when we come across a subtraction problem.

 We kicked off science this year asking ourselves “What do good scientists do?” After watching  "How do scientists know so much". Students picked a favorite toy at home to make a detailed drawing along with developing some good questions and wonderings of their own.
1st Grade - Doubles Facts

This week we learned about Doubles Facts! 

Once we were familiar with our doubles facts, we also used doubles facts to find sums that are one more or one less than the sum of the doubles. 

We used a growth mindset to work hard and increase our recall of double facts.


Kindergarten - Representing Addition

We have been learning how to represent addition using concrete models. Using our unifix cubes to build equations was a highlight!  Once our models were built, we used our white boards to practice writing corresponding number equations. We took turns explaining the meaning of terms and symbols such as: add, is equal to (=), plus (+), and sum.