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Mr. Mroz's Bio

Michael Mroz is joining the Decatur team and brings over 10 years of experience working in Chicago Public Schools.  Prior to working in education, Michael worked in the private sector for many years.  Through his volunteer work he realized his passion was in teaching and completed his Master's Degree in Elementary Education at DePaul University. Michael has a strong background in elementary education and believes that all children deserve a learning environment that encourages their academic and social emotional growth. His experience includes teaching 2nd grade at Wildwood Elementary IB and most recently 4th grade math and science at New Field Elementary.  Michael has partnered with Loyola University’s Center for Math and Science Education to strengthen science curriculum and increase student engagement. Michael is excited to be part of such a vibrant community that values students as individuals.   

When Michael is not teaching, he loves to be active and spend time perfecting his cooking techniques.  He loves nothing more than sharing a great meal with family and friends. 

We have been working on our Ice Rink Project (Area) in 3rd grade.  The goal was for students to create an Ice Rink, sitting area, and snack areas with the assigned square footage.  How they wanted to show their understanding was up to them, and they ROCKED IT!!!
In 4th grade we designed Aquarium.  Students chose fish for their aquariums and had to make sure their fish had enough water.  They knocked it out of the park!!!
Mr. Michael Mroz
Intermediate Teacher