The Decatur Classical PTA aspires to strengthen and enrich our school community by providing support to all of our students, teachers, and parents. We are the primary fundraising arm for Decatur Classical, and assist in funding a number of school activities and initiatives that may not be possible within our CPS budget alone. We work to create a warm and inclusive community at Decatur, and welcome parent ideas and volunteers. Join us at our monthly PTA meetings!
We have three major fundraisers a year: the Jogathon, the Annual Fund, and the Spring Gala. Proceeds are used to enhance the educational experience of all students and strengthen the programs we offer. We work closely with the school's leadership to support Decatur's mission and vision. Every contribution has a meaningful impact and helps us move towards our common goals.
Our Vision: We celebrate the incredible ability children have to learn. We provide an unrivaled educational experience that is defined by a culture of positive social, cognitive, and individualized development.
Our Mission: We are a community of dedicated teachers and curious students who persevere in the exploration of learning.