Drop Off and Pick-up Procedures

We want to clarify and reiterate a few steps to help keep everyone safe:
  • Please do not make u-turns anywhere on Sacramento. This causes congestion and is unsafe.
  • Do not drop your child off on the opposite side of Sacramento (headed north).
  • Do not double park anywhere on Sacramento.
  • Do you use the staff parking lot as a driveway to turn around. Please do not park in the staff parking lot at anytime without permission from the school. This includes after school pick up.
  • If walking your child to school, you may walk your child to the playground entrance located off our staff parking lot. You'll be greeted by a staff member who will ensure your child enters the playground safety. Give a big hug and say 'good bye' before your child enters the playground. Parents are not permitted on the playground starting at 7:30am. We have additional staff on the playground to supervise students.
If you are using Kiss & Go services:
  • Drive slowly when approaching the school and following any directions given by Decatur staff.
  • Pull your car all the way forward by the Kiss & Go sign (near the front door). This allows for more cars to safety fit at one time.
  • Make sure you child is ready to get out of the car. This includes having all their items ready and in hand.
  • Parents should not get out of the car.
When picking up from the playground:
  • Parents/caregivers can access the playground only through our parking lot (see map below).
  • Do not enter the playground area until 2:40pm.
  • Remember that we we kindly ask all families to promptly exit the playground once you have picked up/dropped off your child(ren) due to construction and space limitations.
  • If you are running late to pick up your child, please notify the school asap.
If you have questions or concerns, contact your classroom teacher. Be sure to scroll all the way down for additional information and reminders.