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Volunteer Information

ALL new volunteers, including parents coming to help with classroom parties, field trips, and events, need to complete the volunteer form here.


ALL returning volunteers will need to be re-approved for this year. Please log into your account to make sure the name and birthdate on your ID exactly matches the name and birthdate on your application. If it does not, please update your application. You will then be re-approved by the school. Please notify Mrs. Elin Beard [email protected], that you would like to be re-approved.


Parents that would like to chaperone on field trips will now need to be approved as a Level I volunteer. This process will include fingerprinting and a TB test. If you are currently in the system as a Level II volunteer, and would like to apply to be a Level I volunteer, please email Mrs. Elin Beard [email protected] and she will request that your application be updated.