The Decatur LSC is a committee of parents, teachers, staff, and community that comes together to promote and advance our school's mission. The LSC holds meetings in-person in the Decatur Library and when needed, virtually via Zoom and are open to the public. Attendance and participation is encouraged. The LSC works with the Decatur administration to help shape Decatur's values, atmosphere, and educational goals for our students. The LSC's responsibilities are to approve how school funds and resources are allocated, to develop and monitor the School Improvement Plan (CIWP), and to evaluate/select the school’s principal.

Decatur 2022-23 LSC Members

Parent Representatives

Nicole Maldonado | Chair | [email protected] 

Tamara Hollis | Co-Chair | [email protected]

Ryan Conner | Secretary | [email protected]

Dan Xu | Parent Rep | [email protected]

Yolanda Luna-Mroz | Parent Rep | [email protected]

Megan Redfearn | Parent Rep | [email protected]

Student Representative

Kai Resendiz

Community Representatives

Norman Gelfand | Community Rep | [email protected]
Margo Regalado | Community Rep | [email protected]

School Representatives

Marisol Negrón | Principal | [email protected] 

Katherine Askounis | FOIA & OMA Officer | [email protected]

John Murray | Teacher Rep | [email protected]

Elin Beard | ESP Rep | [email protected]

2022-2023 Meeting Dates | 6-7pm 

September 14


October 19


December 7


January 25


February 22 (Postponed to March 1)


March 22


April 26


May 17


June (TBD if needed)


The Decatur LSC will have its May 17 meeting In-person at 6:00 pm in the school Music Room.  


Complete this form 24 hours prior to the meeting. Comments may not discuss specific personnel or students.  Please reach out to the Chair if specific concerns need to be discussed.  Comments will be limited to two minutes barring any special circumstances and participants may only speak once during each meeting.  In-person comments will begin, followed by virtual participants and email comment requests. Emailed comments will be read by the Chair.  Email:  Nicole Maldonado at [email protected]


We ask that you please use your full name when logging onto zoom and turn your camera on. LSC Meeting can be joined via this Zoom Link


LSC Agenda 5.17.23