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CPS Transportation
Students participating in specified programs at identified Chicago Public School sites are eligible for school bus service in accordance with published policies.  The parent or legal guardian of each student attending the Chicago Public Schools and requesting school bus service to a school with bus service must complete the required application form. To qualify for busing, you must live more than 1.5 miles and no more than 6 miles from Decatur Classical School. You must also live North of Fullerton Avenue. This is determined by the Chicago Board of Education. If you have questions about busing, please contact Mr. Murray at 773-534-2200.
All CPS Transportation Forms can be found at:  
White Form = Application for school bus service
Green Form = Application for Chicago Park District program
Gray Form = Application for school bus stop change request
The CPS Department of Transportation can be contacted at: 773-553-2860
Bus Company Contact Information:
First Student: 773-638-8000
Alltown: 847-674-0090, 773-248-0090
United Quick: 773-522-1995
Caravan: 773-309-8212
Illinois Central School Bus: 773-924-5839, 773-924-5840
Helpful School Bus Tips
*If a school bus is running late in the morning please contact the Bus Company for updated information.
*School buses regularly leave school grounds at 2:45 p.m. Your child’s bus driver will need to inform you of your bus drop-off time.  

*If there is a known change in your child's regular dismissal schedule which involves the school bus you must notify your child's teacher and Mr. Murray via email on the day of the change prior to 12:30PM.
*If there is a short notice emergency or other situation and your child will not ride the school bus in the afternoon, you must email your child's teacher and copy Mr. Murray and Mrs. Regalado.