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Differentiation at Decatur

Differentiation Committee Mission Statement:
Teachers strive to establish and maintain relationships with their students to drive instruction in the classroom at the proper time based on readiness, interest, and learning profile.
What does differentiation look like at Decatur?
Every day at Decatur Classical School, students engage in rigorous Common Core
aligned tasks that are tailored to meet their needs as a learner. Decatur teachers are
able to reach each student, regardless of where they are at in the learning process,
through the practice of differentiation. Differentiation at Decatur encourages and
supports teachers to keep the following practices in mind when designing their lessons:
Process: Which teaching strategy will work best to for students to learn the material?
Teachers are encouraged to vary teaching strategies during their lessons.
Environment: How can the classroom be redesigned to provide a welcoming and
comfortable environment for students to best learn? Each room at Decatur contains
flexible seating to allow students to be comfortable to access the learning environment.
Product: What type of final product can students demonstrate their learning with?
Students are frequently allowed choice when they are asked to demonstrate their
Encouraging and supporting our teachers to implement these differentiation practices
allows Decatur students to maximize their time in the classroom; ultimately, leading to
student success in the classroom.