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Ms. Branch's Biography

Chelsea Branch is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She attended Hope College in Holland, MI and graduated with a BA in Dance Education K-12 and a minor in English Education. Chelsea worked at Hamilton Elementary School as the dance and yoga teacher. During her years at Hamilton, she designed and implemented a PK-8 dance curriculum centered around National Arts Standards that created opportunities for student creativity and voices. Chelsea worked closely with classroom teachers to build arts integrated units in literacy, math, and science. Additionally, she assisted in leading SEL initiatives that greatly improved the climate and culture for students. Mindfulness is a core value in Chelsea‘s work with students and she was trained by Mindful Schools. Chelsea is passionate about sharing yoga and is certified in Yoga Calm, Rainbow Kids Yoga, and became a RYT 200 yoga teacher through Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica. 

In her free time, Chelsea loves to read fiction and memoirs, cook (although she’s not very skilled yet), and is a professional dancer and choreographer. Chelsea co-owns The Rooted Space, a dance studio in North Center and serves as the Kids' Business Coach for Guppy Tank, a grant and mentorship program for young entrepreneurs.  



Huge congratulations are in order to our 3rd graders who wrapped up a huge unit on Ballet! They now can perform an entire Ballet class in French and have improved their skills so much! Great work, 3rd grade!
Using props has been a ton of fun in Kindergarten! We are just wrapping up our time using scarves and it has been so fun to draw shapes, learn to balance it on different body parts, move to different speeds of music, and explore creatively moving with this prop! Every Kindergartener is now a prop master as we have learned how to treat props with respect throughout class!
First graders are learning all about SHAPE in dance class. We spent some time studying Pilobolus and their book, "The Human Alphabet" before taking on letters ourselves. Can you see which letter is being performed by two first grade students above? 
Exciting learning happening in the dance room as we learn to set up, program, and strike our new lights with our lighting board. Dancers are becoming lighting technicians as they learn all about the production element. 

We are excited to announce the 2022 spring show at Decatur, Wizard of Oz: Young Performers Edition! The show will take place on April 6th at 1:00pm and April 7th at 9:30am and 1:00pm. 4th and 6th grade students will be in the chorus of the production this year and 3rd-8th graders will be auditioning for main roles. You can find more information about auditions and rehearsals on our website. Please stay tuned for information about ticketing closer to the show.  

--Ms. Branch and Ms. Schmittle

Gotta give a quick shout out to this 4th Grade class right here! They have been studying Modern Dance, which is a very physically challenging dance genre and have been working so hard! We have added at least 20 new skills to our body's physical memory and an in depth understanding of our pelvis, spine, and skeletal system. Great work, 4th Grade dancers!
Third graders have been learning Ballet these past few weeks and we tested our French-English translations by using flash cards this week in Dance. We loved the challenge of not only testing our ability to translate from language to language, but also perform each of the moves!
Ms. Branch serves as a Kids Business Coach for Guppy Tank, a grant and mentorship program for kid businesses that give back. If your student has a business idea (no matter how small!), reach out to Ms. Branch or complete an online application to Guppy Tank here
Each day we end our dance class in K-2 with the "FUN" dance. It's our time to move and wriggle exactly how we want! This week, we grooved along to an awesome song, "Stand Up, Sit Down" by Patty Shukla. Try it out at home with your kids if you are looking for an energizing pick-me-up!
"From: Saliha • To: Everyone • I really liked how everyone was creative." 
Decatur dancers started our Shout Out graffiti wall today! At the end of each dance class, students can give shout outs to classmates or the whole class to share the compliments they've collected throughout the dance lesson.