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Social-Emotional Learning at Decatur

Social-Emotional Learning Committee Mission Statement:
Every moment matters, every student counts.
What does Social-Emotional Learning look like at Decatur?
At Decatur Classical School, we believe in a holistic approach to educating our students and we strive to nurture students' social, academic, and emotional growth.  
Social and emotional learning at Decatur Classical School is embedded into each aspect of the school day through direct instruction, restorative practices, conflict resolution, and a caring climate for learning. 

Each student experiences the Second Step curriculum to acquire the tools for social-emotional proficiency, situational awareness, and academic achievement. 
Restorative Practices are used to build our healthy community, strengthen relationships, repair harm, and restore relationships. 
Mindfulness and yoga are used strategically to improve attention, emotional regulation, compassion, and resilience.