Decatur Art Show 2019

Decatur students showed off their hard work and creativity at this fall’s art exhibition.  The show highlighted how our students willingly take risks, persevere in problem solving, and use their active imaginations.  

Parents, students and grandparents interacted with art by taking pictures, discussing artist statements, and celebrating how much we accomplished in our first academic quarter.  Students from all grade levels were curious about what other classes were doing and how and why each student artist approached their creative subject.  

The show was produced by the Decatur Curators’ club that meets every Monday after school.  Student members include Emma Strong, Elizabeth Worley, Charlie Duggan, Faryn Aaberg, Malia Siharath, Tiffany Kim, Zoha Ali, Rubaa Maryam, and special thanks to student assistants Katja Koehlinger -Branch, Enrique Morales and Casey Scott.

With limited time, these student curators designed the show invitation, created bulletin boards to highlight student learning, and engineered the installation of student art throughout the school.  A huge thanks also goes to the Decatur staff for donating time after school transform our building into an art gallery.