Decatur Certamen Team News!

Last Tuesday, November 3rd, the Decatur Certamen Team competed at Loyola Academy against St. Francis Xavier, Wilmette Junior High and the Science and Arts Academy.  They were able to work together to use their knowledge of the Classics for a combined score of over 300 points for Decatur. This is incredible news to share as our Decatur team is made of of 5th and 6th grade students and we are competing against 7th and 8th grade students from other schools.  Decatur students have the unique opportunity to study mythology as early as kindergarten so they have traditionally done really well in this area. Each week they keep growing stronger and the progress is awesome to see. Our next meet will be on February 4th at New Trier High School.

Congratulations to Angelica Besa, Murad Chander, Siri Chennareddy, Alyssa Dario, Enrique Morales, Enkhjin Namuunbayar, Casey Scott, Carolynn Smith, Gabriel Story for their efforts!

Any 4th-6th grade students who are not already part of the Certamen team and would like to come with us for our final competition in February to see what this game is all about may contact Magistra Mitten at I will need to limit the amount of extra students I bring with me if there is an overwhelming demand but I’m glad to coordinate.