Ms. Luna's Community Message from June 1, 2020

Dear Decatur Community,
As a school, we must recognize the pain that is unfolding in our city and the standing division in our country. Decatur’s community represents many cultures and is multi-racial. Our diversity is one of the many strengths we have. However, it is imperative to pause and recognize that these events have directly impacted families, friends, teachers, and students in our community.  
Our teachers and staff are committed to working against racism and creating spaces that allow all students to reflect and extend empathy. We also recommit to self-examination as we work to become a school committed to interrupting racism; ensuring our students feel seen and heard. To do this, we have to be contemplative and open to dialogue that can be difficult. 
Several families have reached out to ask what they can do at home to support these efforts. I am providing some helpful resources for parents who wish to have more courageous conversations at home. None of this is easy, but it is important.  
Let's lead with kindness,
Book Recommendations to Read with Students-
Questions to Accompany New Kid by Jerry Craft (This book is available for the next five weeks. You can access it by visiting the CPS Libraries website. To log in, click on “Students,” and type the username: cps and the password: cps. (Age Level 8-13)
Something Happened In Our Town: A Child's Story About Racial Injustice by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazzard (Age Range 4-8)
Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness by Anastasia Higginbotham (Age Range 8-12)