Dynamic Opportunities at The Laboratory Collective

TDIA serves as a living laboratory for advances in disruptive innovation theory and brings together the world's most fascinating disruptors whose stories will inspire anyone with an interest in the process of innovation.
Our unique, hands-on STEAM programs start by hooking kids
with books, movies, and popular topics. Once we have their interest, we captivate their enthusiasm through fast-paced,
hands-on projects in chemistry, physics, biology, engineering,
and anatomy.
In a visit to The Laboratory, your child might create potions
at a Wizarding school, survive a zombie apocalypse,
build a LEGO self-driving car, or discover the secrets
of the Labyrinth – all while working collaboratively,
exercising critical thinking, and beaming with pride at
her own accomplishment. Programs at The Laboratory are created and taught by a PhD Neuroscientist and an all-star team of National Board Certified Teachers.