Decatur Art Exhibition

Decatur’s fall art exhibition was a huge success. Each grade
selected their best work to display to the Decatur Community.
Students work centered on artists, architecture and historic art
movements that define the artists’ epochs.
This show would not have been possible without the creative
help or our new Decatur Curators Club. Special thanks to
Charlie Duggan, Emma Strong, Ananya Nanda, Yanna Bakritzes,
Hannah McClurg, Mina Chung-Hawke, Shea Perkins, Travis
Chan, Sabine Garcia, Kelly Suh, Aubree Stephens, Andrea
Vargas, Max Carlson, Enrique Morales, Katja Koehlinger-Branch,
and Julia Luo.
Our curators designed the exhibition poster, typed labels,
painted walls, arranged art and created an original floor plan to
build flow in our gallery space. We would also like to thank the
Decatur Staff and Faculty for all the extra time and attention;
we needed your help and you were there for us! Thank you!