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Mr. Murray Bio

Mr. Murray has been at Decatur Classical school for 4 years.  Prior to working at Decatur, Mr. Murray was a counselor/case manager at Jose De Diego Community Academy in Wicker Park.  Mr. Murray completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his masters degree at Concordia University.  Mr. Murray currently serves on Decatur’s Local School Council as a teacher representative. Mr. Murray grew up in Chicago and currently resides on the northwest side.  Mr. Murray’s wife is a Chicago Public School teacher and his two boys both attend their neighborhood Chicago Public School. Mr. Murray loves working as a school counselor at Decatur and supporting students in their social emotional and academic growth.  When he is not at school, Mr. Murray enjoys travelling with his family, playing sports with his kids, cooking, and seeking warmer weather whenever possible!