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We wrapped up our March Madness school tournament for grades 4-8th and Harrison Machemer won the Women’s NCAA Tournament bracket and Troy Gonzalez won the Men’s NCAA tournament bracket for our school. Check out the photo with them and their trophies. Congrats!

April 1-5, 2024 Jr. High Rugby Unit

Jr High students continued their rugby unit by playing a series of rugby build up games and learning about the line out part of the game. Students played games like monkey in the middle, partner score, and rugby tag. Students are using flags instead of being tackled. They learned about different plays to run out of a line out and how to throw a line out pass.

March 11-15, 2024 Pi Day Relays

Students celebrated Pi Day with races around finding the first 7 digits of Pi using uno cards and a relay format.

March 4-8 Team Building Challenges

Students engaged in several team building games called Cross the River and Reverse Centipede. In Cross the River teams had to use 2 fewer poly spots than people on their team to get across the gym from one side to the other. In Reverse centipede students had to hold up a mat with their feet and move the mat across the gym without letting it touch the ground. Groups were timed to see who could make it across in the least amount of time.

March 4-8 Primary Jump Rope Unit

Students started the unit with jumping over a stationary rope to practice the footwork in some of the basic tricks to help ease students into jumping rope.

Chinese New Year Performance Feb 2024

On Thursday primary students had the amazing opportunity to watch in the gym a live Chinese New Year Performance complete with twirling dragon flags. The kids loved trying out these flags after the presentation.

Primary Basketball Dribbling Drills

At the end of the week 2nd graders started their new basketball unit by watching a short clip from the Harlem Globetrotters and then practicing various dribbling skills through following the leader’s actions.

Jr High Volleyball Class Tournaments

Students in Jr. High participated in a round robin volleyball tournament focusing on communicating, and applying their bumping, setting and serving skills.

Primary Workouts in the music room

This week was the winter show so we got creative and moved our classes all over the building- thanks to Ms Schmittle for letting us use the music space. Primary students worked on their striking and volleying skills with both their hands and a paddle. They also engaged in a high intensity interval training workout.