Title IX (OSP Sexual Misconduct Training Friday, March 31st

The Office of Student Protection and Title IX (OSP) Sexual Misconduct, Title IX and Bias-based Behavior Student Training covers the following five learning objectives using developmentally appropriate language:

  1. Students will understand CPS Title IX Policy and Discrimination Statement

  2. Students will know who the Title IX Coordinator is, what OSP does, and how to get in touch with OSP

  3. Students will understand what constitutes sexual harassment and bias-based harm

  4. Students will be aware of the resources available to students who report sexual harassment, retaliation, or bias-based harm, including supportive measures pending an investigation

  5. Students will know what to do if they believe they or other students have been subjected to sexual harassment or bias-based harm

Important details: 

  • The sessions have been broken down by grade and are all around 30-45 minutes. 

  • Parents have the right to opt-out. If you choose to opt your child out please email your teacher. 

  • If you wish to teach your child this material yourself, you can access the videos to the sessions on the OSP website at www.cps.edu/osp

  • For questions about course content, please submit them here, and the OSP Training Team will get back to you.