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Mr. Cherry Bio

Ryan Cherry is from Brooklyn, Michigan and attended Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He is a highly qualified educator who spent the last 14 years working in various educational settings around the Midwest.  After seeing his high school soccer coach be an influential role model in the lives of his elementary students, he studied elementary education in college as he sought to also positively impact the lives of students. He did his student teaching in 5th grade at Cleveland School in Chicago.  He taught Language Arts and Math in a 5th grade classroom in Brookfield, IL,  all subjects in a 4th through 6th grade room at a public Montessori school in Indiana and at Hibbard Elementary in CPS before coming to Decatur in 2017.

Mr. Cherry is inquisitive and curious about the people and world around him. He enjoys reading as it a great avenue to better understand people and our world. He agrees with Dr. Seuss that "the more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go." Mr. Cherry is filled with immense excitement about the chance to teach physical education, as it combines his passion for physical activity and sports with the joy of engaging with students and supporting them enthusiastically. He is fascinated by neuroscience and its intersection with physical activity and is grateful for the chance to have students four days each week to encourage their physical activity.


He is passionate about seeing students gain confidence in their abilities to be successful in both the classroom and the world and become well rounded individuals who care for others as they care for themselves.  In his free time, Mr. Cherry enjoys playing sports, spending time with friends and family and enjoying a delicious slice of pie with some strong coffee.



5th grade Math Dividing Fractions Scavenger Hunt

Students engaged in a scavenger hunt to help them practice various strategies for dividing a fraction by a fraction.

3rd Grade Social Studies Illinois Employers Scoot

Students explored data about major employers in 6 different Illinois cities in this scoot activity.

Stability Test Lab 5th Science

Students tested different substances to see how well they could serve as emulsifiers and keep oil and water mixed. Lecithin (the yellow powder) served as the best emulsifier.

5th Math Buying a Car Project Gallery Walk

Students applied their understanding of unit rate and percentages to buying a car of their choice and either finding the energy costs (gas or electric) for the year or various aspects of the financing involved in getting the car.

4th Grade Wind Turbine Designs

We created our own Wind Turbine Designs in an attempt to solve the energy issues in Ergstown

5th grade Sediment Lab

In our pursuit to make a salad dressing that stays mixed together, we tested different ingredients to see if they would create sediment in water or if they would dissolve.

Ice Vs. Salt Lab

This week we learned about how the molecules in NaCl and H2O interact with each other in order to cause ice to melt. We conducted 2 different experiments to see how Salt and Ice interact and then discussed what happens on a molecular level building on our understanding of molecules attracting to one another.

Southwest State project

Students researched information about the state of their choice from the Southwest Region and created some great presentations. Check out the video above to see some highlights!

Krimpets on the Move

Our little buddy Krimpets exploring part of her new habitat! Was impressed at her curiosity and climbing skills! Look for her in the next blockbuster action movie doing her own stunts!

4th Science Simple Electrical Systems

Students created simple electrical systems with outputs of sound, light and motion energy.
One of the problems we worked on in 5th grade Math connected to housing with a balance of market rate housing and affordable housing.

Science Fan Model

We created a Fan Model to help us understand how different types of molecules move up chromatography paper.

Introducing our hamster Krimpets!

We recently got a hamster who have named Krimpets as in Butterscotch Krimpets from our novel we read last year Maniac Magee. She is a Syrian long haired hamster and quite large as far as hamsters go. We are really excited about our new classmate!