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Ms. Fazal's Bio

Parents, allow me to introduce myself - I am Sidra Fazal, your child's 2nd grade teacher! My journey began in the vibrant lands of India, but my husband led me to the United States, where I have been weaving educational magic for over a decade.


As a parent myself, I intimately understand the hopes and dreams you hold for your little ones. With my professional teaching license in Early Childhood Education from Northeastern University and a wealth of experience guiding students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade, I am here to ensure that your child's learning journey is nothing short of amazing.


For me, education is not just about academics, I believe in cultivating a safe and harmonious classroom environment, where their social-emotional growth is nurtured alongside their academic skills.


Together, let's embark on an unforgettable educational adventure!



Fall fest fun activities planned by the second grade parents! Students decorated their own pumpkins, made stained glass leaves with tissue paper, and played pin the spider on the spider web game. 
Mr. Murray and student council representatives joined 104 during SEL to speak with the class about bullying and how to prevent it. 
Jogathon is happening on Friday, October 20th! The time slot for 2nd graders is from 10:00-10:45 am. More information can be found on the Jogathon website page. Looking forward to seeing families cheer the class on! 
We had our first mystery reader this Friday! Thank you to our guest parent for spending time with the class. The class enjoyed the read aloud and the craft!
104 friends analyzing fiction books by using text evidence to find: Title, Author, Characters, Setting, and the Plot of the story.