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Thank you to Nema's mom, Lea for reading us the book 'Sankofa'. The class learned about one of the Africa's tasty and most consumed meals, Jollof Rice. We also learned about the importance of this recipes to the people of Africa. Later, the class got a chance to write about their favorite recipe and share it with the class.  
In Science, we are being Glue Engineers! The class is making observations and testing different mixtures of ingredients to understand which mixture has the properties of the best glue.
Thank you to Lili and Sang for planning the cultural corner. The class had an amazing time learning about the traditions and celebrations during the Lunar New Year. We enjoyed making the lanterns and the beautiful red envelopes received. 
Thank you to Leandro's dad, Mauricio for sharing the Ecuadorian New Year. We learned so much about the New Year Tradition and enjoyed the activity with great music. 
Thank you to Robin's Mom, Lori for being our Mystery Reader! The class had so much fun making the different types of snow flakes!!
Thank you to Elizabeth's mom, Ayo for sharing the Yoruba tradition. We learned so much about the cultures food, clothes, dance, and music. The second graders had fun spending some time coloring and learning about the traditional clothes and musical instruments. 
Thank you to Rivka's Dad, Sam for spending time with us and teaching us about Hanukkah! Students were given the chance to play the game with a dreidel and were excited to take one home. Students shared and asked questions about the holiday. The class listened to different music and were part of read aloud.
In writing, students made a rough draft with the series of events that included some problems, attempts to solve the problem, solution, and characters final words. This week students were very excited to began writing their Final Fiction Story!
Thank you to Malachi's Mom, Bethany for being our Mystery Reader! It was great hearing "The Day You Begin" and completing the hands-on activity.