Week 13

G3 Math
Students created rebus word puzzles and multiplication word problems of their own. Students practiced multiplying by a multiple of 10 (e.g., 90 x 30 = 2700 or 33 x 80 = 240 + 2400 = 2640) up through Ch4, Lesson 5. We will continue with Ch4, Lesson 6 when we return from break.
GK–2 Makerspace
Students studied dolphin anatomy and discussed how they sleep. We also reviewed the six simple machines and tried to find examples of them in our materials/classroom.
G3–4 Makerspace
Collaboration was key as some or all of the following were accomplished in small groups: building marble runs, forts, cars to ride on, a working snap circuit, courses for robots/hexbugs
G5–8 Makerspace
Students completed or have almost completed their Micro:bit pet prototypes.