Elizabeth Manon » Weekly Updates October 2023

Weekly Updates October 2023

Library Time
3rd Grade Monday 10:00
4th Grade Wednesday at 9:30
Students should have brought home their school pictures proofs. Please check backpacks!
4th Grade
This week we had the Jogathon which was the highlight. We read more of our novel Shouting at the Rain. Students also published their Opinion writing papers. We will begin Persuasive writing next week. The focus for the week was character analysis and character motivation. Students made comics based on what they know about the characters in the novel. 
In Social Studies we are learning about the New England and Middle Atlantic colonies. How did the colonists use natural resources to develop the area? 
3rd Grade
We finished reading Fantastic Mr. Fox. We will have a quiz on Monday (they can use their books). We will also complete a final project in class based on the novel. We also finished our Opinion writing projects. We reviewed fragments and run-on sentences to support our next project. 
We made creatures in Science based on genetic traits from 'parent 1' and 'parent 2.' It was a lot of fun!
It was so wonderful meeting so many of you at conferences on Thursday! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have questions or concerns. 
4th Grade
In ELA students completed chapters 25-31 of Shouting at the Rain. Their annotation notes and Instagram assignment are due Monday. Students who were not finished brought them home. Next week we will work on Chapters 32-38. They will complete a vocabulary assignment, annotations and pair and share. They will have a quiz (open book) on chapters 25-38 on Friday. During writers' workshop we will start to draft our persuasive writing rough drafts. In Social Studies we will finish up Unit 2, Lesson 2 and have an open note quiz. We will review on Monday. 
3rd Grade
In ELA we completed Fantastic Mr. Fox. Students will finish their final projects on Monday. Then we will pause before starting our next novel and focus on Informational Text articles. In writers' workshop we will begin drafting persuasive writing. During Science class we will finish Chapter 2 in our first unit of study.  
We have our field trip on Friday to the CSO. Students will eat their lunch early so they should bring a snack and leave it for when they return to school. 
Library Dates and Times:
3rd Grade - Monday at 10:00
4th Grade - Wednesday at 9:30
Parent Teacher conferences are October 26th. I will meet with 4th grade parents. A sign up website will be emailed on Monday. 
Students need to return their books if they want to check out a new one next week. 
4th Grade 
In Language Arts we continued working through our novel Shouting at the Rain. We read chapters 19-24 and will have an open book quiz on Monday. To review making inferences, we acted out a play in small groups and performed for each other. Students then had to make inferences to answer questions about the characters and plot. It was really fun and now I know we have some actors in this class! We completed our rough draft of our opinion writing. Students will publish on Monday. 
We finished Unit 2 Lesson 1 in Social Studies. We are learning about the origins of our nation, focusing on the Northeast Region. We learned how waterways helped develop the region. 
3rd Grade
In Language Arts we have continued with Fantastic Mr. Fox. We will finish it next week. Students made wanted posters for a character. They will be displayed on the hallways bulletin board during conferences. We will also publish our Opinion writing on Monday. 
During Science we are learning why species have variations in their traits and how they get them from their parents. 
Please see my note regarding redoing assignments.
4th Grade 
In Language Arts students read and annotated chapters 13-18 in our novel Shouting at the Rain. They took a constructed response assessment on Friday. We also reviewed types of conflict.
During Writers' Workshop we started drafting our opinion pieces. The goal is to finish them next week. 
In Social Studies we started Unit 2 - the Northeast. We learned how Native Nations in the Northeast used the land and how it shaped their survival. 
3rd Grade
Students used Fantastic Mr. Fox to review Figurative Language. They also learned about types of conflict and summarizing chapters. 
The class crafted strong leads for their opinion papers and began drafting. 
In Science we began chapter 2 where we are trying to answer the question - why does wolf 44 have different traits than the other wolves in the pack?
3rd grade will have a Field Trip next month.